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League of Legends Hile Summoner Factory Level 30 Bot indir 2016

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    20 Aralık 2015
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    [​IMG]League of Legends oyununa ait kullanabileceginiz bir hile botudur. eger sizde League of Legendsoyununa ait bir hile aradısanız bu oyun botunu indirip hemen deneyebilirsiniz.Features
    Fully automated leveling

    Just install and start the bot. No complicated setup needed. Level referrals for free until level 10. Subscribe to level up to level 30.


    Automatically matches bots together to play custom and coop games without ruining real player gaming experience. Can match either your own bots only or together with bots of other users (botexchange).


    Manage all your accounts online and check how your accounts are leveling up, even with multiple computers.

    Wins games

    Plays each champion individually with items, spells and behavior and wins most of the games (custom and coop beginner on Summoners Rift).

    Advanced configuration

    Allows you to reach a specific level or IP amount, set play and sleep schedules for each account and purchase XP boosts at individual levels.

    Safety first

    Does not use injection, memory writing or other detectable hacking technologies. Only sees what you see and plays with mouse and keyboard like a human player (thus only one bot per computer).


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